Entrepreneurship: The New Rich

This program will help you to earn a six-figure income. you will start living more and working less. You will begin to see the infinite possibilities outside of your current comfort zone. You will learn the process of becoming THE NEW RICH, the lifestyle design recipe – the fundamentals with the three ingredients.The Three ingredients of luxury lifestyle design are time, income, and mobility.” — Tim Ferriss 

The path that followed by our millionaire LIC Agents. Bharat Parikh, Rajesh Satoskar, R. K. Shetty, Pradeep Joshi, Hitesh Shah, V. Venkateswara Rao, Sangita Maheshwari, Ravindar Jethani, Balwant Singh Chirana, Bhiman Das, Deepak Dhabalia, Heena Hitesh Shah, P Srinivasan, Praveen Kumar. You too can join us. We will teach you step by step to achieve financial freedom.