About us:

We have seven programs that will help you to achieve your financial goal and live a life of significance.

Program 1: The Incredible You

This will help you to learn the truth about yourself. This will help you find the purpose and the values of your life. You will learn to minimize yourself and maximize others to live a life of significance.

Program 2: Entrepreneurship-The New Rich

This program will help you to earn a six-figure income. you will start living more and working less. You will begin to see the infinite possibilities outside of your current comfort zone. You will learn the process of becoming THE NEW RICH, the lifestyle design recipe – the fundamentals with the three ingredients. The Three Ingredients of luxury lifestyle design are time, income, and mobility.” — Tim Ferriss 

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”. It is sheer folly to try to attain wisdom while ignoring Him. Whether or not you believe in God, just too many people do believe in Him for you to ignore His influence in the world. In this module, we will focus on Jewish people, the people of Israel who have pored lovingly over the pages of the Bible and who have put into practice its teachings with conspicuous success. Jewish people never convert people to follow Judaism. Only a handful of people rule the world. The secret will be revealed in this module.

Program 3: The Millionaire Marketing Mind

This comprehensive marketing system will have people literally lining up to buy from you!

Whether you’ve been in business for years and are looking to grow, or you’re just starting and want to get off to a strong start, this program is packed with information that will accelerate you lightyears beyond your competition.

You will learn the ultimate marketing secret that will make you rich. You will learn how your 20% effort can give you 80% results. You will also learn how to double your business in just 5 minutes.

Program 4: Sales Process

Every entrepreneur is a salesperson. So, the sales process will help you to look at things from the perspective of asking yourself where in the sales process you mess up.

Every time your sales drop or you see someone outdoing you, you must always ask yourself where in the sales process you had a problem. At what point in the sales process was there a challenge or something that needed improvement?

The reality is that sales are about discipline and details. Discipline includes things such as work ethic, diligence, and follow-through. 

Program 5: Facebook lead generation:
Program 6: Personal and Family financial planning

You will learn about the most critical things about personal and family financial planning. You will learn to manage your abundant resources. You will learn to manage in a way you have never done before and you become wealthy.

Program 7: LIC OF INDIA: Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance policy is not measured by how much money you make, but the size of the problem you can solve. The insurance industry offers financial services dealing with the major human issues of our time.

  1. Keeping a business or family going in the event of premature death.
  2. Offering a retirement income that cannot be outlived-providing independence.
  3. Protecting that income if someone becomes sick or disabled-preserving dignity.
  4. providing a legacy when people die.
About our Faculty Member: Birendra Xalxo

He won twice the stock market hero context aired in NDTV Profit: A Proven Business Leader and Top Coach in India. He has helped many people to build careers in the Insurance industry as an Insurance agent / Advisor and helped them to achieve their FINANCIAL goals.

Mentor to so many people, he has helped many people fulfill their true potential. Our Training Systems aim at helping people realize their purpose and go beyond the boundaries that limit them. He is a firm believer in conquering your fears and thrusting your potential to newer dimensions. For someone who treats life as an adventure, every step is filled with the passion of the soul and big dreams for the future.

He is a dreamer and believes in the magic of faith, love, family, and friends. He brings with him his sense of purpose by thinking beyond himself and creating a brand that defines generations to come. Needless to say, his aura permeates every soul he comes across and brings purpose to their lives. If you value self-development and have a growth mindset, then you’re in the perfect place to accelerate your life mastery.

Educational Qualifications:


Holds a certificate of Licentiate from the Insurance Institute of India.

Holds AMFI Mutual Fund Distributorship, AMFI Registration Number ARN-149123.

Seminars / Workshops:

  1. Attended three days of FDP on “Multivariate analysis using R” organized by the School of Business Studies, Sharda University Greater Noida.
  2. Attended a one-day workshop on “Personal Financial and Tax Planning” Organised by Dept. of Commerce, Hansraj College, and Mahatma Hansraj Faculty Development Centre Hansraj College, University of Delhi.
  3. Attended FDP on “Business Research Methods” (a program for teachers, academicians, and researchers) Jointly Organised by the Teaching-learning Centre Ramanujan College and Department of Commerce, Sri Venkateswara College—knowledge Partners Dept. of Commerce and Delhi School of Economics(University of Delhi).
  4. Attended “Marketing 5.0 the Future of Marketing” organized by World Marketing Summit India 2020.
  5. Completed One Week ONLINE Faculty Development Programme on
  6. Completed a webinar on “B2B and B2C lead generation” conducted by Deepak Kanakraju CEO of Deepak Digital.
  7. “Fast Track to Management” 2-day Integrated Sales Management Workshop By LIMRA.
  8. “Secrets to Closing the Sale via Facebook” – How to Find & Target Your Perfect Customers on the Facebook online workshop by Jacob Salem.
  9. Completed “NLP APPLICATIONS” conducted by Dr. Magimai Pragasam, “Centre For Communication And Mind Management CMM” Chennai.
  10. “Wealthy Marketer” by T Harv Eker
  11. Attended one day “National Conference on Impact of Industry 4.0 on Insurance Sector” Organised by the Amity School of Insurance, Banking & Actuarial  (ASIBAS), Amity University Noida, the Chief Guest was the LIC OF INDIA Chairman Shri M R Kumar.